• Dinner Vegetarian

    • Spanakotiropita (Spinach Cheese Pie)

      Thin layers of savory filo dough, filled with garden-fresh spinach feta cheese, onions and seasoning baked and piled high

    • Vegetarian Moussaka

      Baked eggplant with assorted vegetables topped with béchamel sauce

    • Vegetarian Pastitsio (Greek Lasagna)

      Baked macaroni with fresh spinach, feta cheese and seasoning, topped with béchamel sauce

    • The Veggie Trio

      Spanakotiropita (Spinach Pie) Vegetarian Pastitsio (Greek Lasagna) & Vegetarian Mousaka (Baked Eggplant)

    • Vegetable Stir-Fry

      A blend of vegetables sautéed and served over rice

    • Vegetable Plate

      Fresh cooked green beans, peas, rice and roasted potatoes.

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