• Dinner Salads

    • Big T's Original Parthenon Salad

      Big T's Original Parthenon Salad

      Crispy lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, olives, dill, beets, celery, red onions and bell peppers chopped and tossed with Big Tommy’s Parthenon special dressing

      Half or Full

    • Classic Greek Salad

      Crisp fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas, olives, pepperoncini, red beets and feta cheese served with Greek dressing

      Half or Full

    • Village Salad (No Lettuce)

      A mixture fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, red onions, olives and peppers. Served with olive oil and vinegar dressing

      Half or Full

    • Classic Caesar Salad

      Romaine hearts, croutons, Parmesan cheese tossed with a Caesar dressing

      Half or Full

    • Cobb Salad

      Fresh blend of spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cucumber, avocado, crumbled blue cheese and grilled chicken served with a dressing of your choice

      Half or Full

    • Maurice Salad

      Fresh crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, smoked turkey breast, hard-boiled egg, sweet gherkins pickles and Swiss cheese. Served with Maurice dressing

      Half or Full

    • Michigan Salad

      Mix greens, dry cherries, mandarin oranges, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and mozzarella cheese

      Half or Full

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