• Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

      We use only extra-large Grade AAA eggs. All orders served with toast and jelly. Three eggs add $0.79.

    • Biscuits & Gravy

      Half order 3.29

    • Lamb Chop & Eggs

      Two eggs any st yle with one double-cut lamb chop with hash browns

    • One Egg

      With hash browns 3.99

      With meat and hash browns 5.99

    • Two Eggs

      With hash browns 4.49

      With bacon, ham, sausage links or patties 5.59

      With hash browns, ham, bacon, sausage links, or patties 6.49

      With gyro meat and hash browns 6.99

      With corned beef hash and hash browns 7.19

    • Two Eggs & Half Order of Biscuits & Gravy

      With hash browns (without toast)

    • Two Eggs & Two Pancakes

      With ham, bacon, sausage links or patties (without toast) 5.59

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